Irish Red Setter

Irish Red Setter

Think you are being harsh on yourself Linda! Thinks this portrait looks great!

This painting lark isn't easy, is it Linda? I think we all go through this some of the time. But if you hadn't mentioned your trials and tribulations in its making, we'd never know. The result is a super, majestic, looking painting of a very fine dog.

a lovely figure of a beautiful dog. your problems do not show at all well done Linda

Maybe the scraping had added to the texture of the coat because it looks so good to me. I love the shape of the head and the sheen on that beautifully coloured coat.

Thank you Margaret, the colours looked all wrong on the first one after I'd added to much white to highlight, so added some soft mauve and pale peach to this version so it doesn't look quite as harsh. Lewis how right you are, I thought this looked like a right doddle when I started it, wrong, it was a lot harder than I thought, I knew what colours I wanted but just couldn't get them right so I'm pleased you think it's fine, also that Brian Ferry version of Miss Otis regrets is on the "As Time Goes By " CD, try it on Spotify if you can get it. Linda 😀

Beautiful colours.....

Ha! Join the club!! I agree completely. We'd never have known if you hadn't said, simply because this is SO good. You've developed superb character in this most striking of canines, giving it a regal appeal. Marvellous. Bri

Thank you Tao and Diana, I agree Diana, I think scraping everything off has given it a good base coat to start on again, 😀

Absolutely brilliant Linda, the shine on his coat is so good!

Love the different shades of brown within your painting. Looks like a very proud dog. Well worth all your hard work Linda.

Putting on then scraping off is a good method of creating subtle colouring Linda. It turned out very well.

He's a beauty Linda,

You have obviously found the right way to get the colour and textures just right. Make a mess then scrape it off !! Wonderful result. I would patent this method if I was you.

Wow Linda how fabulous is this!! You have done a remarkable job with this beautiful dog and all your scraping etc has added up to a brilliant painting. You do amaze me with your ability to produce work of such a variety, you are really talented.

Thank you Carole S and Carole K for your much appreciated comments, John, we live and learn 😀 Lesley, thank you for your kind comment. Tony, just shows you should never give up on a painting even if you have to bin it in the end 😁 Margaret, thank you for such lovely comments, there are a lot of really good painters on this site, who always offer good advice and encouragement and I never would have experimented and varied my work if I hadn't joined, so thanks to everyone.

Very noble looking dog Linda, no sign of your pastel problems.

Gorgeous shimmering coat and so very much a red setter! Stop beating yourself up, Linda!!!

Ha ha, thanks Fiona and Thalia, it's nice to know someone has faith in you 😂😂😂

It came out well Linda and the colours are lovely. Beats me how you managed to mix oil and pastels together. It certainly doesn't work for me.

Thank you Dorothy, I like using the oil pastels with soft pastels but it doesn't always work but Ellen had just done a painting which she has just posted, and she had used water based varnish in between three layers of oil pastel so I will be giving that a go 😀

Hang on Studio Wall

Internet free image, started this off with pastel and oil pastels, added some white gouache and completely made a mess of it, so scraped as much pastel off as possible and started again, think I've saved it, so am posting finished painting because I'm fed up of it now, lol

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