The Red Measuring Weight II

SL4A-O Peso Vermelho-LdC

Well drawn Ana, but, if you'll allow a comment, I'd say you need to lose most of the red under the shelf. It isn't serving any useful purpose and taking attention away from your detail.

I agree - the red could be narrower than the space above the shelf, cutting off part of the shadow, you want the attention on the lovely collection above.

Completely agree with the comments made here. It’s a shame your lovely still life is not shown off to its best advantage Ana.

I thank you for your comments and for your suggestion! I tend to agree but this is just a drawing previous to the watercolour painting in which I tried to solve the problem by hanging a tray cloth under the red measuring weight. I'm still not happy with the watercolour… maybe one of these days I'll paint another one...

Hang on Studio Wall

Coloured pencil on paper, 21,0 x 21,5 cm.

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Ana Coucello

I was born in Lisbon, and have lived here ever since - Lisbon is my home. I'm a self-taught watercolourist. I opted for watercolour because I considered it the medium that best “slotted in” with my scarce spare time. I also found its whimsical and surprising character rather stimulating. I first…

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