Cigarette Break

Cigarette Break

It just shows Amanda smoking keeps you still

Yeah. I have a fear of stopping moving.

Excellent Amanda, great use of subject. Love the contour marks in the hair and jacket, really well done. <br />I bought the same kit as yourself, do you prefer the lino or the other rubber cutting medium? I&#39;ve only used the rubber one so far, having a go at the lino at the weekend.

These figures and their posture is excellent Amanda, a really well worked lino cut.

Another regular who&#39;s taken me by surprise by their versatility - I like this: I&#39;m quite happy to condone smoking, so long as ciggie smokers stay away from me, so I&#39;m not even offended by the subject. T&#39;is good - have you explained the technique &amp; materials on your blog? I must investigate...

Nice to see some linocuts on the gallery Amanda. This is excellent!

Oh, goodness! I&#39;ve not written that post yet, Robert!

I&#39;ve probably still not written *that* post, but I wrote one about this image.<br />

Fiona, this is printed off a block made of rubber sheet! Sold as &quot;easy cut lino&quot; or some such, but it looks like rubber (black), smells like rubber (well, smells like new bicycle tyres), and works jolly well. As to which I prefer... I&#39;m going to sit on the fence. I&#39;m happy with both. They behave a little differently (long cuts are easier on soft cut / plastic / rubber, ending the cut is easier on real lino. And if you want to clean te block by immersing it in water... lino don&#39;t like dat. Rubber don&#39;t care.

Hang on Studio Wall

I don't condone smoking in the slightest, but these two characters appeared outside a building on a business park while I was drawing the building and what could I do but include them? They spent a long time smoking their cigarettes - I was able to "zoom in" and sketch then on their own. Later, at home, I cut a lino block featuring the two of them.

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