Welsh mining houses

Welsh mining houses

This is beautiful Alicia

Thank you David. It's a very eerie place.I got a bit spooked.

While I don't know the area I can see that you've caught the atmosphere of the place perfectly.

Four beautiful paintings Alicia.

Very atmospheric Alicia

Posted by Holger . on Thu 28 Dec 21:25:17

They look familiar to the 'barracks' near Vivienne quarry above Llanberris, which were emptied in 1969. A trip through those old buildings show such relics as old boots and coats hanging up as if awaiting a return. A really nice portrayal of a bygone era, in typical Welsh dreary mist. Well done indeed.

You’re very clever at catching atmosphere Alicia, you’ve caught the dereliction and abandonment of these dwellings perfectly.

The row of abandoned houses are beautifully done. Love the misty atmosphere surrounding them.

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The weather was just like this, damp and eerie. I confess I got a little spooked. I started with a sketch book then switched to my camera. I did take the time to walk through all the houses before reaching that point when all hairs stand on end. then I scarpered. There could be more to follow.

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