The Stowaway

May 12th, 2017 030

Made me smile - assume that wasn't part of the original canvas!?

No Heather. I'm thinking of putting this on the 'web'...

Like it Alan and the humour, look good on the web, think I’d be a bit worried if a spider grew that big.

Hang on Studio Wall
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An oil sketch for a larger painting, commissioned a few years ago by the descendants of one of the air crew of a particular Lancaster, which I found hidden behind a bank of old canvases. This one seems to have acquired a stowaway...!

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I began my creative career working in a publishing studio in London in 1979, became freelance in 1980 and since then have been a professional private and commercial artist up to this day. I have worked for advertising agencies, design houses, marketing agencies, retail, commercial and industrial…

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