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Aviation wrecks 9 001

Can't say I ever find myself in an airfield ... but I really like and enjoy your drawings.

Treat yourself to a day out at one then Heather. Bring a sketch pad. I'll meet you behind the hangar.

A rather excellent drawing technique Alan.

thank you Alan...It's loose but analytical. I love the detail that begins to emerge once you begin to focus...

Hang on Studio Wall
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If you're ever on an airfield, look behind sheds, around hidden corners or in the dusty shadows and you may well see me scribbling away contentedly. Say hello and throw a copper in the cup.

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I began my creative career working in a publishing studio in London in 1979, became freelance in 1980 and since then have been a professional private and commercial artist up to this day. I have worked for advertising agencies, design houses, marketing agencies, retail, commercial and industrial…

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