Marley - Acrylic on Canvas Commissioned

Marley - Acrylic on Canvas  Commissioned

A quality piece of work Al in a medium I always struggled with .

He is gorgeous and all those greens don't take over. He looks a right character

Thank you Glennis.

Thank you Sean. I teach acrylics and the thing that most struggle with is getting the paint to the right consistency and then keeping the paint at the desired consistency. Once you've nailed the consistency issue it's a lot easier to work with and a very forgiving forgiving medium.

Thank you Sarah. I've found through experimentation that certain green backgrounds can work really well with animal portraits, especially when the animal has a lot of black and white. Maybe surprisingly, red works very well too

Just lovely Al. Love the greens.

Thank you Kal

Lovely, he looks a beauty and very playful Al.

Thank you Carol

Hang on Studio Wall

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Al Warner

Hi, I am Al Warner and I am a professional multi media Artist and Art Tutor based in Lee on the Solent, Hampshire. England. I was born in London in 1969 with a paintbrush in my hand and showed a natural talent for painting and drawing far ahead of my years. After finishing school in 1986 I was…

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