Spanish Church - Monoprint - Oil

Spanish Church - Monoprint - Oil

This is good Adele see you are brilliant at these !!

You're getting better at this Adele. Lovely attempt.

Still a very good piece Adele look forward to seeing more

It's a skillfull piece in all respects Adele. It has a certain powerful and mystical presence for me, which is enhanced by the mystical floating cross. You have caught the effect of the architecture giving that strong, impenetrable feeling which you can associate with a cathedral.

It's an excellent effort, Adele. Monoprints are so unpredictable, but you did a great job! Great tones, excellent painterly marks and lovely composition.

Good on you for giving it a go - better than I would have achieved I am sure.

These are getting better, Adele, the printing ink looks like it's giving you more control. (Don't forget Alan's tip that it's perfectly OK to touch up the final print just a bit if it needs it!)

You have done a good job here Adele, it's not as easy as people think, believe me, I know. Regarding the roof, I would draw a very thin pencil line to indicate its position. Good work anyway.

This is lovely Adele. You have come. These prints look and sound difficult to do, I'll stick to my watercolours.

Thank yo everyone for the lovely comments. I did think about the touch-up Jenny, but felt it was a little too much and would then be considered cheating. Thanks Alan for the tip, I will put in the thin pencil mark on my original. It is difficult but I am enjoying it a lot. Lots more practice needed.

Superb Adele!! Good for you, keep going girl!

Thanks Fiona, Got the bug, so will have to fit them in with my paintings.

You've chosen an image with lots of interest and I like the perspective. Keep at it! It's fun isn't it?

Thanks Gudrun, it certainly is fun.

Lovely tonal work Adele.

This is very good Adele, excellent.

Thank you Sarah and Carole.

Sorry I haven't commented for a while Adele. Difficult to find time to paint or go online at the moment. This is a lovely mono print. Seems very difficult to do, but it has a bit of depth to this one. The floating cross doesn't worry me. You can see the roofline is there. Excellent, Adele !

This is so well done, Adele and very inspiring. Fabulous work!

Thank you Heather.

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Bought some printing ink a couple of days ago and tried them out today - thinned them out with oil but were still a little sticky. Photo was curtesy of Flickr. Cross at top looks like it is floating but the roof came out too light. Not as easy as I thought it would be.

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