Mandy 24x18"

Mandy 24x18"

Ade, I'm logging in just to say this; and I think you'll know what I mean. Glad you're selling; sure your framer (dealer?) has your best interests at heart; but - don't lose your focus. The legs on this mooc are way too thin - that won't matter if you're painting novelty pictures, but it does matter if you want to be a serious painter. Now - I've had me dinner, plus wine, preceded by gin and tonic and, now I come to think of it, followed by gin and tonic: so take that into account; I wouldn't say this if I were as sober as I should be; but - don't let 'em ruin you as a painter. It's all too easy to go down this road, and then be unable to find your way back. I like these paintings but - not as much as I like what I think of as your serious work. I'll leave it there, not least because I may well be talking crap; but my instinctive reaction is -- what's Ade doing this for? Follow my advice and you'll be as poor as I am, but - I've fought off advice to go down this road for decades; I'm poorer for having rejected it, but - on the whole - am glad I did. Apologies for coming all heavy old uncle on you, and do tell me to get stuffed if you like!

Hi Uncle Robert, A cow with contentious legs? My wife doesn't like them either. Defence: The ref was shot with an extreme wide angle lens which has the effect of exagerating perspective... so actually the legs are the right size....;). Capitualtion: Yep its a bit novelty. Me a serious painter? Since when? I take your advice as well meant... but I long since signed the deal with Mammon. Never even call myself an artist (check the website). I am merely a jobbing artisan, prostituting my skills in an attempt to gain succor in the grim capitailist reality that is Britain today. I raise my glass to Adam Smith before smashing it at his feet... and please _do not_ get stuffed! Your input always welcome. Kind regards, Ade

Oh Mammon ..... yes; well, without old Mammon, I couldn't afford the gin in the first place..... All right, lad: you know what you're doing, and that's what matters. And oh God! I'm out of tonic ..... water just isn't the same...... Actually, it really, really isn't....... & who'd have thought I'd ever run out of tonic before I ran out of gin? Still; I won't get stuffed. Yours, Nuncy.

By the way, a rather luscious yellow you've got there..... wotizzit?

Hang on Studio Wall

The last of this weekends 4... my framer asked me for more up the nose shots.... so hope these makes him happy.

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