Sir Nigel Gresley

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Hang on Studio Wall
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A good friend has commissioned me to complete a painting as a fathers day pressie for her dad, who loves the A4 class of steam locomotives. These locomotives were amongst the most beautiful ever produced, mainly due to their streamlined shape. A large number of these were saved after the end of the steam era and many have run since. Perhaps the 'Sir Nigel Gresley' (The A4 designer) is the most famous. Here are pics of the initial drawing (not the best sorry as I had to darken it to show the pencil lines properly so looks more like ink, but it really is pencil) and then the first stage of painting.
Looks as though it is really going well.  I wouldn’t apologise for the drawing as it looks spot on.
Looking forward to seeing this one progress Malcolm - this loco lived very near us when it visited the Locomotion museum in Shildon and it’s an amazing piece of engineering! (There’s even a Gresley Drive on our estate :) )
Looks good.  I'll be very interested to see the stages of completion.
This is going to look great, I can't wait to see it completed.
Some colour now added to the tender, the coaches, signal box and a bit more in the background.

by Malcolm Davies

Looking forward to seeing it completed it’s looking very good already Malcolm, excellent job. 
Some more work gone into the coaches.
Days gone by ,I remember sitting on such a hillside watching these trains puff by.  Looking good. 
Update on the Sir Nigel Gresley painting. More detail added now to the locomotive itself and a brought the background down towards the track.
Update on the Sir Nigel Gresley A4.
Looking good Malcolm, the shine on the engine’s beautiful!
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