November challenge

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Hang on Studio Wall
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Still a few days of October left and there have been some great harvest entries so far! I thought I would set the challenge for November a bit early as you may need a bit of time to think about this one. This month try depicting your favourite song in paint, pen or pencil and see how many of us can guess the title and/or the singer. 
That’s a good one, Dawn!  I did this painting last year depicting one of my favourite songs, but will also do a new one for the challenge. 

by Jenny Harris

Morning has broken?
Katy, yes it is - a bit too easy to guess if you can read music!

by Jenny Harris

Oh I love the sound of this challenge, I'm not saying I'll be able to do it, I just love the sound of it. It's very exciting. Love your picture also Jenny and well done Katy for spotting the song. My brain cells are bouncing around my skull at the moment thinking about this one.
Well Jenny, I went to piano lessons when I was eight for about nine months so something must have stuck! Denise, the brain cells bounced for a minute or so and then forgot what they were thinking about 😆 but I do have an idea🤔
When I saw the challenge, I immediately had to think about a sketch and painting I made a time ago. I post the preliminary sketch and the final work now hanging on my youngest daughter's living-room-wall. Can you guess the song and the singer ? :) Mia     What do you think? x  Mia
Hi Mia I would like it be Sailing by Christopher Cross! Or it could be Sailing by Rod Stewart. Or something else entirely!
Love the sound of this challenge, i'll be racking my brains to see if i can paint which song i like. 
Lovely painting, Mia.  I would also guess Sailing by Rod Stewart. 
You are absolutely right, Diane and Jenny. It is Sailing by Rod Stewart. One of my favourite songs and singer. Love his special voice!
A marvellous idea, and two excellent entries to start us off. Well done, ladies.
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