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Hang on Studio Wall
At the moment I'm not able to paint as we are undergoing electric rewireing, lots of dust etc. I am using the time to better my drawing skill something I used to do a lot. Earlier this year I was given some graphite sticks and am experimenting with them. The problem I find is they can be messy, and smudge easily, what can I used to fix the finished drawing. Someone has suggested hair spray, l'd look silly buying some as I have very little hair, does it work? On the drawing I mean. Paul.
Forget hair spray Paul, it's not right for the job and will certainly go yellow in no time. Use a pastel fixative from an art supplier, this will sort out any issues with charcoal, pastel and other medium of that nature. I've used all brands but the one I use at the moment is Frisk.
Agree with Alan, don't use hairspray. Fixative is a mite expensive, but a lot safer than the product I use to control my wayward and plentiful locks. There are several different types, labelled fixative but not necessarily pastel fixative. Some of them do have a bit of a whiff (as indeed can hairspray) - I need to either wear a mask of hold a cloth over my nose and mouth when spraying, because I tend to wheeze otherwise. At least have a window open, or spray outside, if that is likely to affect you.