Getting to grips with coloured pencils

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Linda I hate stuff that comes from China if it’s not what you want you have to pay postage back there .  I think your butterfly was well worth the perseverance.   I have a lovely box of Derwent artist  coloured pencils I think there  were 72 originally  it’s a wooden double layered box I must have had it thirty years or so and recently rediscovered.   Progresso non wooden pencils are pretty good and come in a double layered box. I’ve also just bought a Derwent pencil sharpener where you put the pencil in and turn  a handle amazing points .  My fingers don’t cope with blades anymore... oh I’ve also found a Derwent electric eraser  which is great fun you can use it to take out quite small areas and almost draw with it. 
 My pink bag/ pencil book has now arrived.  (Pink, so that it will show up when I eventually go back to classes and not be confused with my black watercolour bag.)  Should have got the bigger one so the pastel pencils would fit in, but then again they are not likely to be as clean as the others.  I have categorised them according to colour, rather than type and see how I get on with that.  I will need a new colour chart for this arrangement.  That is when I get the time.  Hubby has reorganised my digital photo library and put them on an external drive. I did  have 26k photos, but now I seem to have 65k!  So I now have to go through all the duplicates and delete them.  So far I have deleted 5k.  It is a lot to do.  I expect to have about 10k in the end.  The good part is that I am revisiting many countries around the world and seeing lots of wildlife. The crank handle sharpeners are good, but for pastel pencils I use a Derwent one which is a tad wider and is not as pointy as the others.  Electric erasers and sharpeners are a no-no in classes as they are too noisy, but I do use them at home. I’ve read Ian Siddaway’s article on coloured pencils, but will have to re read it as I didn’t pick up on all the points, if you will excuse the pun.  Blending powder?
My new art bag is arriving tomorrow, Blue. My other bag, very old, like me, and was coming apart at the seams, unlike me. While out one day I couldn't find pencils and brushes, there was a trail behind me. I think I found everything. A lovely butterfly painting, Linda, have you ever tried the metallic pencils on black paper?

by C Jones

I did have some metallic pencils in a pack of 50 assorted ones, but I gave them away to a refugee woman, who had to ask her husband if she wanted to buy anything.  I haven’t done much with my current pencils apart from pastel pencils on coloured backgrounds really, but it seemed too much like hard work.
That's a very kind thing to do, Linda, and more so under the circumstances you have mentioned. I know pencils can be a bit of a faf, but the control with them is worth the effort, and always nice to have a choice when the regularly used medium loses some appeal.
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