Drawing and forming portraits and landscapes

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Hang on Studio Wall
Hello there, I am returning to life drawing again and like to contribute along with other Artists as it gives us a sense of unity and fulfilment. I like to portray drawings from observations and later paint either in watercolour or Acrylic.  I did study at Art College Visual Art a few years ago and during that time enjoyed working towards developing style and experimenting with various mediums including printmaking. From childhood days I always enjoyed drawing in pencil and it is super to be part of an Artist site where other like-minded Artists can share their work and discover new ways in expressing their observations by way of drawing and painting. 
Hi Angela can I suggest that you put these on the gallery as more people are likely to see them that unless of course you are want critique on you work . 
Thanks for your artist introduction Angela, and welcome to this community. There’s a wealth of knowledge available on here, as well as an abundance of enthusiasm from professional and amateur artists alike. I see that you’ve started posting some of your work on the gallery which is a good start! You will attract more comment on there (hopefully), and also critique should you ask for it.
Welcome to the forum Angela, lovely to see your work.
Hello Angela, it's very nice to see your work. I think any artist who does portraits is very brave. I don't do them but like to try my hand occasionally and try the odd one, without much success.  Looking forward to seeing your work.
Welcome Angela,  It is always nice to see new artists on this site.
Nice to meet you all in the forum and when I visited England in 2014 we stayed near Bassenthwaite in The Lake district. I took my watercolour pencils with me and this sketch was created early morning from my bedroom window at 6am when the sun had risen, first morning light. I spent some of my childhood in Yorkshire but traveled from 1972 living in South Africa and settled in Australia, lovely to have been introduced to this site. There are some wonderful paintings exhibited here in the gallery, and it is super to meet other Artists from many different locations World-wide. Currently I am attending an Art Course so it stimulates and of course is a discipline too. Lovely to meet you all and shall look out for your paintings and drawings.