Seafloor Explorer by Amanda Mayle

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TALP Open 2020

Seafloor Explorer


love he movement and texture of this work.

Thank you Naomi for your kind comments.

Wow !

Simply amazing artwork

This is lovely, you've captured the translucent effect of the tenticles brilliantly!

Thank you Donna ! Thars kind of you

Thank you Luke for your kind comment

Lovely detail and texture; so calming to look at.

This is astonishing!. Would look beautiful in my home . Purely perfection!


Posted by Bev Todd on Fri 10 Jul 09:02:21

What a lovely peace of art , its finely well painted of a octopus, clean and fresh and well detailed, amanda your amazing,

Stunning work, with such attention to detail. The octopus looks so life, like yet still has character.

Just like the octopi I see when I was diving. Makes me miss it :-)

My talented sister in law!! Amazing work!!

Amazing art best I’ve ever seen love it the colour the details brilliant

Love the differing textures captured in this piece.

Beautiful work as is all of Amanda's art, xx

I thought he was going to walk off the rock, he's so life-like.

Stunning work so life like and the attention to detail is superb

Absolutely stunning detail !

The detail in this picture is amazing. Fantastic artwork!

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