Watercolour Hedgehog

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Watercolour Hedgehog

I have just uploaded a video on You Tube of a watercolour hedgehog. It is under Audrey Hynds, Loose watercolour techniques. I would appreciate some critique as it is my first attempt (very nervous).

I decided at the age of 63 to upload this video as I am self taught and when I started 12 years ago I had no real idea about watercolour. The first class I attended didn't give me much encouragement (just unlucky I guess) so I started watching the Painting and Drawing Channel and any videos on you tube where the artist chatted and shared their skills. I have learnt an enormous amount from these artists and really appreciate their shared skills. We can only hope to improve and practice as much as we can. Not all paintings will work but when they do it gives you an enormous buzz. We are all still learning and whatever we can share will help someone else. Happy painting!!

I did see this on u tube. I think you did a great job and I enjoyed doing this one - I love your loose style.

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