Views. Likes and Comments

Views. Likes and Comments

Observations on POL gallery feedback

When looking at the gallery, it has always struck me as curious that paintings tend to attract more comments than likes. Bearing in mind that the vast majority of comments are complimentary, it seems odd that people say they like a painting but don't hit the "like" button. Randomly choosing a page this morning the paintings had only 34 likes but 80, overwhelmingly favourable, comments. I do find it easier to "like" a painting than to comment, though the latter does seem to have the additional benefit of attracting others to my own artwork galleries. Certainly if I comment favourably I always hit the "like' button too, and, indeed, often feel I am shortchanging the artist if I "like" the painting but don't say why. Sometimes, I just feel that there is little I can teach the more professional members of the site. Overall though I "like" more than I comment. Then there are views, the most obvious favourable response. If I look at my most viewed paintings, in descending order, the "top 3" have 1 like and 2 comments (by others), 3 likes and 6 comments, whilst the third has no likes and no comments. It just strikes me as curious.
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I did of course mean 'a quick two worder'. No edit button available, I thought there would have been!

I do agree Russell, a quick two-liner is still an appreciation. Time is also an important factor of course, none of us want to spend hours commenting.

I can be 'guilty' of writing a two word comment and even one word at times, but my intention is not to offer a critique but simply to show my appreciation of someone's work. I could hit the 'like' button but then your name isn't registered and I think it's important that the artist is aware of who is leaving a comment regardless of how many words it may contain.

OK so every painting today on which I made a comment, I also ticked 'like'. When you are not used to doing it, I kept forgetting and having to go back in! Anyway Tony, from now on I will make sure I like a painting especially if I comment. Lesson learned!!

I click the 'like' button as well, if I am making a positive comment, which I (nearly) always do. It may be that is seems as though you are duplicating - after all, if you make a positive comment, it's obvious that you like it - isn't it?. I have noticed that many comments are given without much thought, perhaps just two words at times. I do generally try and construct at least a sentence, often a lot more if it is of particular interest and merit.

Liking without commenting is understandable, I think; not everybody has the confidence or the vocabulary to say what it is about a painting they find attractive. Commenting without liking is an interesting one. I've only seen one negative comment on a painting here, but that's sufficient for a comment not to be construed as an automatic like.