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I swapped my 35mm SLR camera gear for a set of watercolours after noticing the more positive reaction artists received to photographers from locals while travelling. Now, semi settled in France, a stones throw from the River Dordogue, in le Lot l split my time between sorting out my old stone cottage and barn and trying to remember how to paint. Artist visitors welcome.
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Hi Julian...I don't do heat I'm an Irish girl with the skin to match for it's shade for me always...yes the blues here are very vibrant and not too easy to get down on paper...I'm on my third go round with an Western Australian sea/beach scape of the Margaret River area about three hours drive south of Perth...the blues are so vibrant...although I'm working from a photo the colours are real...I have visited the area and it's pollution down that way...they make good wines and the best summer here we always wait for what we call the Fremantle Doctor aka the sea breeze...we arn't too far from the coast so it's wonderful when it comes in all the doors are flung open to catch's our winter now but the skies are still blue and although we have had a little rain we are waiting with baited breath for the rains to's been like spring for this last couple of months give or take a few days...I've just recently started a class and it's good to be amongst people who love art as much as you do

Hi everyone (being optimistic again). Up till last year I went out painting on my own, and spent time trying to find quiet places without too many onlookers, but this year a group of us from the local Art Group, decided to get together weekly to go out painting together and it is much more enjoyable and if people approach us with comments etc, we seem to deal with them better, as a group. I suppose its because they can't focus on only one of us. I also like to see what the others are doing, and how very different their styles are. Patsy - I don't think I could be outdoors with all those flies in the Australian heat either. We are lucky here in the UK we rarely get a day that is 'too' hot. Also as I live near the coast, we always have a little sea breeze to keep the air comfortable. It makes such a difference. Of course, we also don't have the wonderful colours that you must have. We have many shades of grey here! Julian

Hi Julian glad your summer has begun...I'm in Western Australia so we are in winter now if you could call it that...little rain and still in autumn week apparently the rains may to painting outdoors many do here but with the heat and flies you can keep it...even now the flies are having another go around with the warmer for me it's photos or bringing bits and pieces of the outdoors to the Forum you have to log in separately and the log off and close before you come on here...I've made a shortcut so it dosn't take long a few seconds...if you have already been on the Forum and have password etc. you will just log on...otherwise it gives you instructions on how to register...hope this helps

Julian, identify with your comments about being able to work outside. I feel the same. Dont often get the weather here. Last summer went to the West of Ireland, took my easel etc and set myself up on a remote beach to paint the view of the Atlantic and Achill Island. I had just got myself set up and started painting when I heard voices. It is one of the most remote places around and no path or whatever to the beach , only those locals and people like me who have been going there for years would find it. I thought I was absolutely safe , no on looker etc. It was a minibus of photographers from the USA with a local guide. Trust me. I am now featured in a number of their photos and so is my art work.. Oh no. You need thick skin to perserve.

Thanks for that Phil. I'm still not quite sure how best to use this facility, especially as there are facilities to comment on peoples artworks in their own galleries and also the forums - Which I have rarely been able to get into - I keep getting the message - Server Error - Maybe someone who is supposed to keep this site up and running will read this and come up with a solution? I'm sure others must have found a way to get into the forums? Julian

Yes there are readers...welcome back.