Shoreham waters with tide out.

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Shoreham waters with tide out.

Painting with acrylics en plein air

Yesterday I went to a little spot I discovered a while ago, which has a great view and is quiet and secluded. Perfect for some undisturbed painting. I took my new box easel, with stay-wet palette in the drawer, and sat on a plastic laundry bag with an apron to protect my coat. Woolly hat, sunglasses and plenty of layers as it is still a bit cold for this lark. The tide was out so there were mud flats and raised areas of foliage, with little inlets. Plenty to try and paint. I spent an hour or so, and the paints started drying on the palette in the wind, but not too bad. Used some card edges to make small sharp marks. Anyway, this is the first of several, and I hope to go there again next Friday morning, weather permitting.

Lovely, nice and bright. Used to live few miles away and walked dogs by Adur. Good luck. Watch out for incoming tide. Lizz

You are very brave Shirley to face those coastal winds! Well worth the effort though, a lovely fresh painting!

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