Scam Alert

Scam Alert

I want to alert artists to this very convincing scam.

SCAM ALERT!! This painting , Daffodils & Hellebores 12”x 12” is now available again on Instagram (mo_teeuw) under the #artistssupportpledge for £200 + P&P PLEASE read why. I'd like to bring to your attention a new but very convincing scam. I had a message from a lady saying how much she liked my work and that she would like to buy one. Sounded genuine, when I posted this painting, I had another message from her asking to buy it. I sent bank details. next message was, 'do I accept PayPal'. so I sent a PayPay invoice. She said she had not received it so I tried again. Same reply, she had not got it but would really love that painting so could she try to send me money via my email? OK I thought, how does that work? Next thing, she sends a very convincing looking screen shot in which there is a PayPal page asking for a code from the recipient. Low and behold, a code pops up on my phone. Do NOT send!! It was at this point I got more suspicious. I tried to log into my PP account but was blocked as 'I had tried too many times' I then looked at this "lady's" profile. Not following anyone and no followers which is very odd for an attractive young person. So now if anyone tries to buy a picture I first look at their profile. I I am also suspicious of any young person not able to use BACS. I hope this stops anyone from being robbed. I have always thought of myself as being aware of most scams but this nearly got me.

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Thank you for the warning, my daughter is on instagram and she told me about the artists. support pledge. Painting is beautiful.

...forgot to say I love your painting!

Hi Mo, yes the scammers are really good at hoodwinking us. Sorry to hear your story and hope all is sorted now. I just hate cheats and liars!