Publication of Peonies in a Chinese Vase.

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Publication of Peonies in a Chinese Vase.

I was lucky enough to have been chosen to be featured in Leisure Painter.

I was delighted when Jane Stroud contacted me to say that they wanted to feature one of my paintings in the May 2018 edition of Leisure Painter. I wrote a brief history of how I started painting and how I set about painting the picture "Peonies in a Chinese Vase". This honour has boosted my morale and I want to hone my skills further so that I can achieve greater things in the future. My favourite subjects to paint are without a doubt flowers and birds, although I still have an interest in landscapes . I have only tried pen and ink, and watercolour and look forward to trying other mediums in the future. I have attached a photo of the page taken from Leisure Painter.

Congratulations Tony, totally well deserved, a truly beautiful painting.

Nice to see it in print on your blog well done Tony

Tony, I was so delighted when I saw this in Leisure Painter, I remember when you first posted it, it is so beautiful. It is just perfect and I love looking at your work. Congratulations on being published!

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