Painting Challenge Round 2

Painting Challenge Round 2

Complete in whatever medium you wish and post on the gallery once completed.

I absolutely adore this picture. It was screensaver picture i had on my computer for ages. I hope some will try and have a go at it as I will too.
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Ive posted mine even though its a feeble attempt!!

That's what I tell "My Beloved" each time he does the lottery and we don't get one number!!

Just think of all the issues a masterpiece would bring adele....fame fortune publicity who wants that lol I much prefer my quiet life

Best not to hold your breath in too much anticipation Paul. I don't think it is going to be a masterpiece somehow!

Look forward to seeing it adele

Hi Paul. I'm going to try it this morning. A double challenge for me as I am going to try watercolour pencil. Wish me luck.