Off On My Hols - Sorry If I Miss Any New Postings On The Gallery

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Off On My Hols - Sorry If I Miss Any New Postings On The Gallery

I'll catch up when I get home.

I am off on my hols on Friday - a week at the seaside in Devon with my two daughters and the four grandchildren. Although I do take my laptop, iPad etc, finding the time to trawl the gallery and check out the other areas on POL might be a bit limited, so I will have to catch up with the majority of new postings on my return. Just mentioning it as I didn't want anyone to think that I was ignoring them.

Trying to do some sketches, Sarah, but we are having a busy time so am struggling to fit anything much in. I can't quite manage to keep up with gallery posts as it is very time consuming and the internet connection is very slow at the house we are staying in. I'll do my best when I get home.

Looking forward to your next crop of holiday paintings Thea! Always a pleasure to look at. As for keeping up with the gallery posts , I find it quite impossible at times and dip in in spurts with comments . Have fun!

Thank Val - I am looking forward to a break as things have been a bit tough this year - variety of causes which I won't bore you with. Some down-time with my lovely grandchildren and my sketchbook is just the ticket.

Have a good holiday Thea, I hope you find time to do lots of sketches. Val.

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