Nutcracker 6; Endgame

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Nutcracker 6; Endgame

Drawing towards the end of the ‘pester power’ project

Well he is armed now (but not very handy!) and his legs are weighted AND (drum roll please) he has got a face! I just have a few more finishing touches to do now such as his hands (made but not painted yet) and the base (just waiting for the paint to dry so I can stick his boots to it). After that I need to get some cotton wool for his hair and beard and then touch up a few areas of paint on his face. As you can see from the picture, I have now made the worlds biggest butt plug but have yet to glue it into place (not something you thought you would ever see written on an art website!). Then it will be ready in time for when the Christmas decorations go up. I am delighted with it (surprisingly for me as I am my own worst critic) and I know my daughter will love him.


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