Nutcracker 5 (It’s beginning to look a lot like … ?)

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Nutcracker 5 (It’s beginning to look a lot like … ?)

The ongoing saga of pester power.

No posting for a while as there has not been much to tell; just lots of cutting, gluing and generally making a mess. In between I have been Christmas shopping and also spent some time at an art fair in Windsor where I met up with an old childhood friend, Jonathan Newey. Jonathan is an accomplished artist and teaches as well as paints so his work is well worth checking out. But now we are onto the painting and assembling stages and the pile of cardboard is beginning to look like an actual nutcracker! My Shield Maiden has been in charge of painting legs and boots as well as brainwaves, shortcuts and generally good ideas. Our daughter is going to be so pleased when she sees it and we are bound to get a ‘well done you’ (her stock phrase). The whole thing will be split into two parts for easier storage and will be joined together by the worlds biggest butt plug (at least I hope it is) !!!!!


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