Kid in a sweet shop

Kid in a sweet shop

What a great website this is

There is so much fantastic art on here by so many great artists I am amazed, flabbergasted, surprised, in awe of the brilliant work on here by so many I am very much like a child in a sweet shop. How long does this addiction last for? If anyone searched my internet history of the last few weeks they would think I have an obsession!! Anyone else like that?
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Thank goodness Paul, I thought maybe I was commenting too much. I never realised I could love so many different art works until I came on this sight. I keep sneaking upstairs to take a look at the gallery and then I get drawn in. I've even tried leaving the computer turned off on my painting days so that I can produce some more works of my own - I held out until lunchtime!! Never mind, we aren't hurting anyone. What a lovely way to spend our time.

I'm totally obsessed too Paul!

I noticed you had a couple on there peter and ive seen your gallery. Terry is genuinely a nice person and so is his wife Fiona peart and I like both of their styles. I'm looking forward to seeing one or both of them at patchings later in the year

Definitely, Paul. I love to see what other people are up to and get fired up with some ideas. I see you are a Terry Harrison fan too. I started off doing a lot of Terry's tutorials but I'm trying now to do my own stuff. If you look though, you can see the Terry influence in my work. I also met him last year at a workshop and he was a really nice guy.

What a relief its not just me then!!

Yes afraid so, people ask what i did all day and i say oh! i was studying Art. I get funny looks. They would look even funnier if i just said i was looking:-) I do not start with the intention of doing so it is always 'i'll just take a quick look at this painting ' which always leads to another and another the 5 minutes becomes the 5 hours and amazes me how quick the time goes. But at least i have some wonderful thoughts about what i have seen!

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How would I have guessed that manashree lol