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Just arrived

Just arrived

Took a long time to decided on putting my work onto the gallery as I have never really put my work out to public scrutiny beforeeven though I have sold work, it has tended to be to people who like myself have been climbers and walkers or just love the outdoors. My work does not appeal to everyone as I feel I have to paint what I see and not beautify the scene, I need to be true to nature so many people find my work dull and sometimes featurless, any beautiful colours that appear in my paintings such as skys etc, were there at the time and not invented, I always take photos to back up my memory and sketches. I have been truly impressed by the wealth and bredth of the artistic talent on the gallery and I hope to gain from this contact and find ways of developing my own work without compromizing my beliefs. I would like to thank those of you who have made comments and observations on my work, it has all been much appreciated, enough said, happy painting, Malcolm.

Thank you so much for that welcome and comments Carole and Dennis having seen both your gallery's along with Fiona's and other artists, I am sure I am going to find this a very positive experience, including the observations and tips that are being posted on my work, thanks to all who have viewed and commented on my work.

Hi Malcolm I like the outdoors and go for long country walks Mondays and Fridays . I take photos while I am walking and these usually form the basis of my paintings . I don't however stick to the original photo and I change the atmosphere and move things around to improve the composition . I do usually catch the essence of the places though your a great addition to p.o.l and I welcome you .

Like Fiona, I have really enjoyed looking at your work Malcolm, so pleased you decided to to show us😊

Thanks for that Fiona there are still a few more sketches to come eventually, thank you for your comments and observations on my work.

Thank you for sharing your work with us on the gallery Malcolm, especially your sketch books as they are quite personal to you and your experiences. I've enjoyed seeing them.

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