John fishing, boat at the edge of the water.

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John fishing, boat at the edge of the water.

Acrylic painting from a photo taken last year. Just saw John off on his fishing trip this morning, and came back to my studio. Saw the photo, and decided to make a small painting of it with acrylics.

I am enjoying exploring acrylics on canvas. Stay-wet palette means I can leave the paints for some time, and just pick up the palette to start again. This is great. I have more photos of John and his boat and his catches which I can work from while it is cold and wintry. I've been doing some imaginary landscapes also, and preparing my beginners' course on abstract painting for some people who would like some help and advice in February. This is exciting to think about, and much fun to gather plans and information for this. I am hoping to provide a good environment for them to explore and develop, and to realise how much fun can be had with paint.

The preparation for your art plans sound very exciting Shirley, it is exciting to start different. Good luck and I hope your course is a great success!

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