'It's what I like.'

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'It's what I like.'

'Its all Blogs to me!'

Hi, I am a 59 year old man who's been interested in Art for most of my life. My children have been saying for some time now that I should take advantage of the technology at my finger tips in an effort to display my work. I would argue that technology has never been anywhere near my finger tips but, I've taken the plunge and now have a blog!

Hi Debbie congratulations on being shortlisted and good luck with it...what a season you are having must be wonderful...it's the same over here in Western Australia it is quicker and cheaper to go to Thailand than to travel to Broome which is a beautiful place...my Daughter worked up there relieving for a couple of weeks and although she was financed by her workplace she still had to economise...shame I think

Hi Debbie. My daughter was on your island a couple of weeks or so ago, I should have remembered to tell her to call into your gallery. Her and her partner did a tour of Barra, Uist, Benbecula etc. The weather was lovely to start with but it did get a bit cooler as the week went on. She took loads of photos for me so, you never know, you might spot a scene in the gallery that you recognise some time soon. ( that's if I can paint it well enough of course). My husband is desperate to go island hopping so I'll definately make a point of calling in when we do. Good luck for the season and I hope you have plenty more sales.

Hi Debbie...it sounds like you are both on a roll...well done please keep us posted. the sad part of the story is that it is quicker to get to a Greek destination than to you...

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