Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?

First blog post

So pleased I spotted Painters Online and so gratified by the positive comments too! It's been a frustrating year for creative artists of all kinds with lots of galleries, libraries and other venues closed or restricting access. Although painting has been a lifeline to me over the winter, I was running out of places to hang the completed pictures, and rather sad that no-one could see, and hopefully enjoy, them. The opportunity to share and interact with other creative people is so important for inspiration, learning and encouragement. I'll be adding to this blog on a fairly regular basis as my ideas unfold so until next time, stay safe and keep on painting!

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I think fewer people read the blogs than once did, so I'll steer people to them in a bit, with a Forum post. But there IS somebody out here - we've probably all felt very isolated for around a year now, and the more this site helps us all to keep in touch, the better.

Totally agree Rosemary. Look forward to your ideas.