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I have been requested to show my art work at a local community trust centre. The thing is they don't want lots of screw holes all over the walls and I don't know the best way to do it. Also there is the problem of security. Can anyone offer advice on this matter. Fred Elwell.

Good I found this and on my way in a minute to our local Hobycraft to buy for tomorrow. Aiming to hang lots of unmounted unframed on paper works. Thanks folks

Thank you so much for all your very helpful advice. I will have to sort out which is the best method. I am using velcro for paintings hanging in my dentists waiting room at the moment with no problem. This community centre is an old converted barn , so has some open brickwork besides plaster walls. Thank you all once again.

Here are some comments about command velcro strips with pros and cons listed http://www.command.com/3M/en_US/command/products/~/Command-Large-Picture-Hanging-Strips?N=5924736+3294529207+3294737318&rt=rud

Have looked at reviews re Command Velcro strips. Generally very good. A whole new idea for me I didn't know this stuff existed.

Hi Fred I've been there where the walls have to remain clean and bear no effects of hanging the quickest and easiest solution are command picture strips which all hadwares carry and most Tesco do also . They are Velcro stips that are attached to the back of the painting and walls and take a fair amount of weight , the strips are installed in an instant and they are removed without any damage to the walls Security I can offer no advice on maybe get your work insured if worried

A few years ago I was faced with the same problem. Here is a step by step report on what I have done. https://landscapeartblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/48/ Mind you transporting panels of any nature can be a problem in a private car even with the back seats folded down.

Hi Fred...Robert has sent your plea out from the forum. We are a garrulous, nosey lot on there. Another possibility is to hire screens! Local art societies often store their own somewhere. Maybe ask around , try yellow pages. With reasonable screens you can fix the pictures with mirror plates so anyone wanting to nick one needs two pairs of hands and a screw driver. Security is a problem and unless they are mirrror plated curating the exhibition is the only other way. Fiona's solution seems workable and novel. Try googling screens for simple design I have exhibited in a church and a local handy person has made simple plywood screening. I do hope you find a good answer.

I had an exhibition last year and the venue didn't have very much wall hanging space. A very quick and easy method I used to overcome this....... well my husband did it for me........ he bought a bundle of roofing lathes, which are quite cheap and made up three sections of trellis and hinged them with tie wraps. If you are DIY minded, they take no time to make up and you can have the squares as small or as large as you like. You can leave them unpainted or paint them with coloured wood stain. If you don't intend to use them again you can put them in the garden or use them for firewood. I used the sections on 6' x 4' tables rather than from the floor, no one looks down that far do they. You can also display a few on the table on stands etc. To hang the paintings I bought some large stainless steel utensil hooks. Worked a treat, I used them again this year, easy to store, just cut the tie wraps and stack until you need them again. If you want any other info let me know Fred and I'll get you sizes etc. Hope this helps Fred.

Fred - I've put a sign-post on the Forum to this post, in the hope more people will see it.

If there's no picture-rail (and there probably isn't) the solution we found when I was last part of an art club was to invest in one of those peg-boards - perforated boards, into which you could insert hooks, and hang the pictures from them. How much they cost I don't know, but they did resolve an issue: and if the community centre is planning on holding more art exhibitions, they might be prepared to invest in a few. You can prop pictures up on a shelf, especially if it has a lip to stop them sliding off, but it's far from ideal - I have done it, in a public library where they daren't hang anything from the walls because the plaster wouldn't hold it (neither would the wall the plaster was on, from the look of it). Doubtless there are other ways - the ingenuity of POL is unlimited, always provided people actually look at the blog page... if you get no other replies, I should try posting this in the Forum, which gets more traffic.

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