Freyjas Tails... an artists dog view of life

Freyjas Tails... an artists dog view of life

Tim Fishers Parson Jack Russell terrier writes about her adventures as an artists assistant

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Our Parson Jack Russell Terrier named Freyja, after a love of watching The Vikings TV series, spends some of her time writing a doggy blog. This is found at

She recalls her adventures as our canine artist assistant, this sometimes results in mishaps. Whilst filming a series of art videos for the Studio+ gallery on the PaintersOnline website she caused a few problems. 1. The doorbell is seen as a call to bark and run around as much as possible. Each filming session found Louise and I, fingers crossed hoping that Jim, our village postman wasn't due to call. 2. Choosing a critical filming moment to start digging in her bed in the studio. 3. Another time opting to decide to scratch at the door to go outside. Freyjas other mission in life is stalking the pigeons and squirrels who mercilessly tease her from the fence.

Freyja also likes to talk about her moment of fame, she features as the canine model in my Painting with Oil Pastels book published by Search Press. The painting is proudly framed and on display in the lounge.

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If you want to keep up with her adventures, she usually writes on her I-Paw-Pad once a month. Unless she's feeling lazy, the weathers cold and she would rather bury herself in her fleecy blanket.


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