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Help please.

Ive also posted this on the forum. I just thought more people might see it here . Three years ago I sold a painting done in inks. The buyer has just contacted me to tell me that it is slowly vanishing Oops , I feel dreadful. Anyhow I offered the money back but she wants me to paint it again. So my request is, if you know of any inks ( have to be inks) that you have lots of confidence in please let me know. . The pic I am posting is the painting when first painted , it is now a shadow of its former self.

Thank you Les, I shall look into those . Yes Africa really gets under your skin it's a wonderful continent.

Hi Sylvia, have a look at Dr Ph Martins Hydrus Fine Art Watercolour, they are a liquid and so may allow you to use them like your inks. Being archival and light fast you will be able to continue with your lovely vibrant watercolours without further problems. They also do "radiant" watercolours which are stunning but they are not lightfast and will fade I love your sketch books on your gallery by the way, and thanks for your kind comments about my Kilimanjaro picture, yes Africa does get under your skin doesn't it!

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