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I started paiting in 2007. I have longed to be able to draw or paint ever since I was a little girl but never had the time. In 2007 I started experimenting with a starter kit of acrylics and later a starter kit of oils. With a permanent job my time is limited. My thanks to The Lord who is guiding me and giving me the opportunity to enjoy what I love most. The hours I spend paiting are precious and I hope I'll be able to continue doing so for a while.

Hello Sonja, I caught the top part of your blog and noticed literature and novels in it and had to have a read, I am an avid reader cant read enough, used to love Stephen King but have not read any of his for years, I have read all of Wilbur Smiths novels whom I adore, and is one of my favourites, oh I love Ian Irvines A Tale of Three Worlds, Bryce Courtney is also fab his Potato factory was sooo good, oh Dean Koontz is awsome some what similar to Stephen King, his Watchers was really good. Terry Brooks, Jarka Ruus, High Druid of Shinnara is another of my favourites, that ones a series. And John Grisham is pretty good, I totally enjoyed his Painted House novel, but my most favourite of all books was the Lord of The Rings, some of these are modern actually they all are, some have just been around for longer than others. I could go on for ages about all the books I have read, my house is full to the brim with them, have been meaning to sort them out and perhaps swap them at the book shop, but really hate having to chose which ones to keep and which ones to swap. I really enjoy a nice cuppa and a good book, nothing better other than painting :-) I think there are all sorts of artist and agree with you that most artist have more than one kind of art they love, me its books, painting, music I love to play the guitar, and gardening I think of as a form of art as well, I love to read poetry as well, I did try sculpture many moons ago, enjoyed it immensely, but prefer my other interests, but always nice to try something new. Glad I found your blog its great to chat about literature other than just paintings. Do you have many paintings on here, I will go have a look.

Hi Sonja, I've read a fair few books- borrowed from libraries. I often read several books around a theme mainly historical like Slavery or the Holocaust or early North American history or Irish history. Or I read a lot of a particular author like Emile Zola, Georges Sand, and Jane Austen. Of the books in your list, I've read the Perfume which I found very weird and scarey. Luckily, I read this in French which meant that the impact was slightly less immediate than I imagine it would be in English which is my mother tongue. This is an interesting blog- I enjoy the arts collectively too, painting, sculpting, literature and music.

Hi Sonya...a bit late but I hope you went well in your exams...you must tell me how your exhibition went...yes I been through all of the Historical books and then took a degree in History as a mature student and I found out that most of the Historical fiction books were quite close to the truth so the authors did their research...have you read the Rome series by Colleen McCullough about six books they were wonderful...she's an Australian author and a wonderful writer...I like science fiction because it takes you to another world...sorry it's taken so long to get back to you...it's exam time over here in Australia so I suppose it will be the same for you...have you any work on the gallery? I'll go have a look...talk to you later Sonya

hey patsy, sorry for the delay of my reply...I had tons of exams all week long.On top everything, tomorrow I have my first ever exhibition, and I'm very nervous. I haven't read a lot of Science Fiction novels simply because I prefer history dramas. Gotta go now, but I'll write more soon...

Hey Sonya how are you ages since I've talked to you...what are you up to now?...I'm still on with the dreaded landscape never again!!! at the moment we are heavily into Leonard Cohen he dosn't sound any different to the 60's...back to my good old Science Fiction reading material although I will say it is getting so difficult to find a good series that isn't Mills and Boonish hope you are well

Hi Sonya yea we are wired for sound in our house my hubby is so particular about how we listen to music...we have Naim gear engineered in England and have got it right at the moment that is until the next cable or whatever comes along...but it's our thing...currently we are listening to Alan Parsons remastered to cd just great with great memories...we have a whole set on vinyl of Malah which believe it or not we have listened to hubby was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age but the cd player he's got is a good one plays really well...told you he was particular..he also has Naim gear hooked up to the telly so we watch dvd's Roger Waters in the Flesh if you like that sort of thing is fantastic a wonderful new US guitarist called Doyle Bramill he played with Eric when he was here well worth the watch... hey Robert I used to be able to do that drumming right through tanked up of course...daughter showed us a video of her xmas party of her and her pals doing the big drum thing and their faces were so serious it was a scream...and gorrila is fantastic...now sonya you have got me thinking again of all the books i've read...have never stopped reading since I was a child and I started reading early...this is a really good thread wonder where it will lead

patsy, as for the music,.. you have good taste, anyone who listens to rock genres gets my vote.. nowadays i listen to pretty mush everything... rock, heavy, goth, power metal, pop, classical, movie and disney soundtrack scores(Love those especially, people say it's weird), the only thing i could never listen to is hip hop, rap, anything serbian (for those who don't know, I'm from Serbia), and techno of any kind...

no problem, I haven't read any novels by Anthony Trollope, I will check it out I soon as I find time.. You are right about Jane Austen, I've spent long long hours trying to get guys to read her books, but haven't had any success so far... My brother for instance, can't watch or read anything without a dynamic plot, or a great philosophical idea in the background.. he lacks interest in psychology and the characters...and that is what austen does best. Last night I read another book by Tracy Chevalier... all her work is amazing (The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Virgin Blue, The Fallen Angels..) but last night I read "The Lady and a Unicorn" and it such a wonderful work, I was speechless for at least an hour after. I wonder If anyone here has read it?

Sorry, Sonia, I hit the reply button twice!

Sonya, since we are into historical novels, how about Anthony Trollope? I lent the Barchester Towers series to a friend whose husband never read a book. He picked them up and couldn't stop reading them! I have also read all the Jane Austen novels which is a hell of a confession for a bloke. I think Persuasion was my favourite.... Patsy, I just love that drum piece with the gorilla!

Sonya, since we are into historical novels, how about Anthony Trollope? I lent the Barchester Towers series to a friend whose husband never read a book. He picked them up and couldn't stop reading them! I have also read all the Jane Austen novels which is a hell of a confession for a bloke. I think Persuasion was my favourite.... Patsy, I just love that drum piece with the gorilla!

What about music Portished is our fav at the moment along with the newly alive Pink Floyd and Roger Waters...went to see Eric Claptain last year great..and my 24 year old has just bought Phill Colins would you believe that...they love the drums in "I Can Feel It Comming In The Air Tonight"

Now you've got me can't remember...what I do remember is Little Women & Good Wives can't remember who wrote them a US author read them again and again...Dickens..David Copperfield Nicholas Nickleby, Martain Chuzilwhitt which we now have on DVD The Little Match Girl made me really cry Alice in Wonderland Robinson Carusoe RLS all Enid Biighton's Famous Five and I just love Wind in the Willows read it to my daughter again and again, Wuthering Heights and don't forget Lorna Doone reread many times Scrouge, if you like history try Colleen McCulloch's Rome series just great 6 novels in all oh and don't forget I Claudius which I read and we now have on DVD...i'll rack my brains again and reply

which jane austen novels have you read so far? which is your favorite?

I agree he makes me drool and as i'm a picture reader I can see all their faces as I read so good i've decided to by the rest of her books and start reading the so called classics again something I havn't done since I was a child...just love books love the smell of old librarys

for start, I'd like to thank you all for replying... patsy, that 'pride and prejudice' version is,by far, the best adaptation of the book... I recently went online to search for good period movies(one of my greatest weaknesses) and 'pride and prejudice' (1995) was in all top 5 lists... I agree about Colin Firth, he's soooo amazing in the role of mr darcy,.. I do not see how anyone can not adore him...

Noticed Pride and Preducice was on TV again and although I havn't watched I soo fell in love with Mr Darcy aka Colin Firth still gorgeous so having bought the book years ago i'm reading again and just love the way the English language is couched

Hi Sonia what a good thread...the last Stephen King book (my hubbies name too) I read was that one with the clown in it gave me nightmares...I now read science fiction and fantasy novels I like to be transported somewhere else...i've read all Stephen Donalson's books,Frank Herbert's Dune series and the preludes as well written by his son I am now heavily into Steven Ericicson's series on recomendation from my book shop and boy where they right will fall asleep with the book on my face...try to stay away from the mills and boonish types but that is getting difficult everbodies at it now well Sonia have a very good xmas and new year

For some reason my paragraphs have all got merged into one. This has happened before here so I hope it still makes some sense.

Well, Sonia, apart from Stephen King I have'nt heard of these, so I don't know what you like. My favourites are a bit more mainstream. in no particular order: Anything and everything by Alexander McCall-Smith for a feelgood book. Quiet understated brilliance. Sebastian Foulks "Birdsong"; I don't usually like war books but this is an exception. Louis De Bernieres "Birds without Wings". If you fancy yourself as a writer don't read this; fantastic storytelling against a tragic historical pageant. Lighter holiday reads: Kate Mosse "Labyrinth" and "Sepulcre" In the same vein, "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. Vlad Dracul is alive (sort of) and well, and enslaving librarians! Starts with the narrator opening an ancient book within which is a letter which starts 'to my dear and unfortunate successor...' How can you not read on?

Hi Sonya, Welcome to the blog section. I recognise your Blog picture after visiting your POL gallery yesterday...Well my blog 'PK' started off as an experiment...and to find out about art-artists-art movements etc. Along the way food, people, events & places visited got included...Literature? well I was put well off this by schools...Now I read perhaps trashy who done it novels mainly in large print...very tiring to hold...

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