Corel Painter Digital Painting competition

Corel Painter Digital Painting competition

The Painters Online/Corel Painter 2020 Digital art competition had Simon Roberts going through his archives - and tissues..

'Win a digital art painting bundle worth £1700'. Now that caught my eye. I'd played with Corel Painter about 10 years ago and lost. I loved the idea but the reality was a labyrinth of digital jargon, 1000s of brushes, media, textures, blending and settings. I attach a painting I put together then based on the Isle of Skye. It took me days - sobbing into my keyboard. But, I saw the Painters Online challenge, and I decided to have another go - this time with Painter 2020. I have submitted a painting which also took me days - sobbing into my keyboard. But, after 4 days, I was beginning to smile and by the 6th day I was genuinely enjoying myself. I recommend taking part. Just have a box of tissues nearby..

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Hi Dennis - Keeping it simple has to be the way but that must be tricky - painting with the mouse? Well done. Do you have any samples on the PO site/gallery?

Hi Simon most of my stuff is D . I have an Adobe 2 disc it's very old very easy to use I paint with the mouse and only use 3 of the brushes start with a white paper and add colour in the traditional was , oh and I use the softer to blend my colours. I love it .