Colour Design

Colour Design


Have put 3 squire canvas in my gallery which are an adventure in colour aswell there is an image point picture should have a focus tell a stroy this could be carried out in tone or form also image design soft or hard camera picture sketched played with parts removed or added there are no rules in art never stop looking exercise your mind.
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The Memsahib (aka my wife) and I travel simply for the pleasure of the day soon the kid's inheritance will be gone...the digital-photo vault stores the paintings crystalize a memory for me...I now try to make note of the current 'available for sale art' of each Country...So I guess I'm internationally inspired but paint only in the UK. I leave my 'business card/website details wherever I go now. We had an absolutely fabulous adventure, the true Trip of a Lifetime..

Thanks Phil, looks like I'm not the only international artist...hope you had a good trip!!

Long may you continue to pull them tutor? sounds very good...