Christmas Wish

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Christmas Wish

My Xmas Thought


This time of the year my thoughts tend to wonder back and think about the past year and how my art has developed if at all. This year has been particularly creative for me. I have found the internet platforms has enabled me to show and promote my work to the world. Leisure Painters magazine continues to be the best tutorial magazine on the market and the new web platform is brilliant for all artist to show, talk about and sell their work. I have always advocated the benefit's of painting on the spot (plein air) and now I can show everyone how I produce out door paintings through my YouTube channel and I can learn from other artist through their channels too. My channel is my way of helping other artist to develop their painting skills. I would ask all my fellow painter to do the same. Keep subscribing to Leisure Painter magazine, check out other internet platforms and most of all enjoy your painting journey. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all best wishes for 2020.


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