Cascading Watercolours

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Cascading Watercolours

How to loosen your watercolours - exploiting pigment behaviours within cascading water.

What excites me as a painter is the gorgeous behaviour of flowing watercolour pigments. By experimenting freely with rich, running paint, I have developed a technique I call “gravity painting”. This cascading method of applying paint directly to the paper without prior mixing, preserves the paths of mingling pigments in your painting. It's a sure way to create subtle passages on paper as paint flows and reacts within generous amounts of  water.  To free up your own watercolour painting style, why not try thoroughly wetting your support and then dropping in tube paints (diluted to a thick, single-cream consistency). It also allows you to thoroughly focus on the behaviour of the paint on the paper, rather than concentrating energies on mixing within the palette.  And using deep colours, insures against watercolours paling during the drying process. I share my painting techniques with art groups and hold Watercolour Workshops in Bath: Trees & Landscapes (Thursday 9th March 10.30-3) and Beautiful Bath Slopes (Wednesday 5th April 10.30-3) Stourhead Landscape Gardens, Wiltshire (Thursday 18th & Friday 19th May). More at

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