Bosom Mitra

Bosom Mitra

Inspiring people by motivating through art.

Recently ,I have been through so many art competitions online and I have found that they do have entry fees for the same and that is also per image. Its good because fake entries would not be entertained and their time will be saved. Entry fees becomes reward to the one who wins but what for those ones who loses. If I consider my country India, as per the currency rate if I have to pay in £ or $ as compared to Indian Rupee, it will be very expensive. I have almost completed the form in one of the website and then I just stepped back at the time of submission as it was costing me 60 dollars. If I didnt get response, its non refundable. Its bit expensive and unworthy I found. I do agree that the organisaions who offer such platforms have their standards which they have to maintain and for that they need to take a nominal charge and also there are lot many expenses behind jury and winners as well. Here, artists suffers, even though having talent and potential, we need to step back. Its like one needs to be wealthy to give exposure to art. I have a gallery on this website which contains 62 items and have more than 3500+views in 27 days but its worth nothing. I have a lot more paintings kept at my home which is waiting to be showcased somewhere but one needs to be wealthy enough to do that. I am posting this as there will be so many artists who even have lost hopes of earning or showcasing their work due to such reasons and just accepted and moved on. This became a source of motivation somewhere and then I found this quote. Artists will keep going and keep up the good work. Don't stop creating.. Never loose hope.. Stay Blessed..
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If you want something badly enough and work towards it, you will be shown the way.

Thank you both of you for wonderful comments and inspiring me. My fight is not with me for making an identity, I do value what I have and what I have got and have respect for it. I have a fight with my own people and if I want to priorotise art in my life I have to do something which will help me to pursue art forever.

If your audience doesn't exist create it who ever said that ive no idea oh yes it was me a few seconds ago!! It doesn't really matter but the boy in the picture has the answer. Play your art regardless of the size if the audience is not there that's their problem for missing out not yours

I think this is very similar to an earlier Blog I did which, I think you misunderstood me. I was saying about established artists maybe find it easier for their work to be recognised because they have a well-known name and in order for an artist trying to make a name they sometimes have to draw the publics attention to their art by perhaps creating a provocative painting. I agree that it can be an uphill struggle for aspiring artists, that is why art has never been considered a "proper job" because it is hard to make a living from it. I would totally disagree with you Manashree on your remark about your paintings and views on this site being worth nothing! The very fact that we now have a platform such as this site is a very positive development. It is free and so anyone can take advantage of it. The very fact that 3500+ views have taken place is wonderful. What you don't realise is that not only us artists are viewing but any one of the public can and that includes potential buyers. So don't dismiss this. Nothing that is worth anything in this life should be viewed in that way. Just carry on as you are doing and see what happens.