Bosom Mitra

Bosom Mitra

Inspiring people by motivating through art.

Keep Art Alive.. Three words... Like an heartbeat of Artist...Like a yearning of soul... Keeping a day off from work and surfing internet today , I went through this website in detail. I read so many comments and went through various profiles of artists. I just randomly turned the pages and found that there are artists who are sharing via posts since a long time, while some others have stopped or less often upload. There are various reasons behind one stops uploading which majorly include personal reasons I believe. But one thing I found most common which touched my heart and that is all are trying to keep art alive while staying positive towards each other. I have found communal harmony, no religious discrimination but a blessing of humanity everywhere. There is no greed, no lust. It doesnt matter what your name is or from where you belong, what matters is what you upload in the form of art. Art gives an identity and it exists everywhere. Artist here can upload without loosing their self respect and on this site, share what they actually feel with honesty and in a manner which may not hurt the sentiments of others. They respect each other. Here strangers meet who just connect with each other via medium of Art. Its not just a website, its a place where Artist unite together. There are many artists in different corners of the world who doesnt know anything about this site. Please share as much as you can. Art do beats in other corners which is waiting to be discovered and as an artist we can bring it in our platform of unity. This is the place where Art beats in the heart of everyone. Let it beat... Keep it alive... Stay Blessed...
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Manashree, those are my sentiments exactly. This is why it is important to support each other. Art is the common language that unites us.

Its my pleasure to be on this site and share and more than that getting feedback which I never expected. Thanks for wonderful comments..

Ive only recently joined the site so I can only base my comments on what ive seen thus far. Its a really good website and it is great that you have the opportunity to share your work for free on here and chat with others. I intend to try and contribute as regularly as I am able to. I share your sentiments on spreading the word about this site and I have done so with a few American friends who may well join in due course. I make no apologies for my atheism but I hold no grudges against anyone that chooses to believe in whatever religion they do as long as its not thrust upon me I have no issue. I respect your right to believe and trust that this is reciprocated with my right to disbelieve. Its great to read your comments and I'm thankful you take the time to share your views and your art