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So I already have a blog, on Blogger/Blogspot, but this can be a bit less formal, I guess. Other art blog: Actual Web site:
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Syliva... I keep trying both of these... been out of print too long (1972)... I also look at the rare books sites... As it happens I've been asked to put up to 8 paintings in an exhibition,..... ;)

Try e bay/ amazon for your book... or am I teaching grans to suck eggs? apologys if so. Why paint what do dont want to for a few bucks you dont need???????? Though like you it is great to sell a pic, but even better to get a good price for it as then you know then that they really wanted it!

All those paintings? Get them identically framed then the one man Gallery? Buildings are a challenge true...more of what to leave day I too will be happy with them...perhaps?

Patsy - thanks for your comments... I'm not expressing myself here very well ... I need to paint buildings because I'm not very good at it. This limits what I can do.... and given I paint landscapes I need to get over myself... buildings give nice scale and focal points... and they help- identify the location which was really the point i was making about tourists. I have done lots of buildings in the past - done a fair few townscapes (see the whitby stuff in my gallery), but i'm just not confident. As far as patience goes... that's why I never spend much more than a couple of hours on any painting. I figure as long as I can get away without sketching or drawing and can just start slapping paint on I'm happy. ... and the point on money... I'm not a lottery winner or anything and its nice to sell a picture now and then... that's how i funded my latest digital camera etc... but the real need to sell stuff comes from my turning out 6-8 a month in fairly big formats... I'm simply running out of room to store them...

If you don't need the money then paint for yourself buyers will see the passion in what you like to paint and not in what you think they want...buildings and things are a perspective nightmare if you havn't the patience

Fortunately Phil I have no soul to destroy. It went to mamon years ago - sacrificed on the '.com' money making revolution... but I don't need the money, the sales just make me feel good athat people like the paintings I do and they make them feel something... that's why I sell very cheaply... if someones likes it enought to hang it on their wall then they should have it.... does that make sense. BTW: I don't want a soul back - far more hassle than its worth... like an Alfa Romeo.. feels good at first but you always have nagging doubts... Ade

Urban scenes & landscapes with buildings in them may be attractive to the hate straight lines in your art...dilema...paint for sales [destroy your soul] or paint from your artistic heart & have fewer sales?