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About the Artist

The work initially began in 1983. I wrote some Poetry and then Images were expressed on paper, later elaborated with pen and ink and watercolour. The aim of the work is to illustrate and progress from line drawings, creating three dimensional images. I do enjoy drawing 'still-life' subjects and portraits, and from images produced through observation the aim is to express paintings from what I have sketched in preliminary drawings. The process in creating my work is based on visual observation , perception of people, places, and structures. I like to create a suitable atmosphere for illustrating and thus producing harmony and balance in colour, shape and form. I like to experiment in painting with a variety of mediums exploring colour, texture and form, and paint impressions based on producing monoprints or Abstract images from loose style imagery. Drawing is my first and foremost study and the intention is to develop shape, form and texture for the images I want to express.

Here is a recent illustration I produced from drawing images, then painting in watercolour upon Acrylic pad. I have written some children's stories and enjoy illustrating from the manuscripts. Recently I exhibited three paintings from the story "Gastof" an Artist from Marseilles, France.


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