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Anyone in my virtual world ? A group of us are starting a new Sketch book Collaboration. We all have the same type of sketch book. We each have a theme . We paint , draw, collage, whatever our own theme into our own book. The books are all exchanged and the theme in the book we now have we interpret as we wish. We have a month to " do " a book then we pass it along. It is an enjoyable, thinking outside the box thing to do. Last year we raffled what became a spare or Rogue book and raised over a hundred pounds fora charity. I'm not suggesting that we do that again just to let people know. What we also did was to take an assortment of our pieces of work and have them made into a book, professionally printed. This is not at all obligatory. I'm posting this before we start the new book in April to see if anyone else would like to join in. The commitment is to buy a particular sketchbook for £5 .00 To complete as many or as few pages of the theme inside a four week period . And to be happy to post onwards the book to another participating artist cost about £3.00 but not on every occasion And to enjoy. I have posted one of the paicture challenges I did,based on Body Parts. Its a great way of meeting new people and having fun.

Hi, what a good idea, I would be interested in joining in the sketch book challenge. Imelda Deheer Wales based artist email: [email protected]

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