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A Blog of Art - L Skylar Brown

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OK, I'm going to try something new! I have never blogged before, so I have no idea where I'm going. One of the main things I would like to share is my love of Digital Art Technique - This is the future. There will only be a few more years until digital is ubiquitous. As more and more programs are created, and they get more versatile and user-friendly, soon there will be wide acceptance of the process. This is already the leading format in commercial advertising. It seems with each new innovation, those who use it to the max are in the commercial fields. If Anyone would like a specific question answered that might be too afield from this forum, or want to contact me directly, please use my public E Mail: [email protected] I will be posting more later - am going to try to blog some every day....Ta.

Your use of ". . .the future " and ". . . ubiquitous " implies that you might believe conventional techniques are on the way out. Whilst this is probably true in certain fields, it also has echoes of the 'movies will kill the theatre' and 'TV will kill radio' arguments. Digital has its place and will surely continue to develop but I recall a remark by a professional calligrapher some years ago who, when asked about his digital letterforms replied that it was just another way of creating letterforms and that the main disadvantage of digital is that its just not wet enough. A quick quip in some respects but also quite profound I think.

I love the idea of digital Skylar and your paintings are "to die for". Unfortunately even the idea of turning on my computer gives me the shakes, as all things digital do. Ah well - in another life perhaps.

I would like to ask a question. Do you do all your art with the Art Rage Oils on the computer? the work is very vibrant and precise. I am always interested in new techniques as I am fairly new to painting and am self taught , there seems to be so much out there for the beginner, I read about all the new things but the only way I have to learn is by Youtube

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