Paul Atkinson


I was born in Yorkshire, UK, my family immigrated to New Zealand in 1960. In 1999 I returned to my homeland for a month after 40 years absence and returned to the UK in 2005 for a working holiday for 4 years, during this time I took up watercolours for the first time after spending most of my early life in the work-force as a sign writer / custom airbrush artist, after having a love of art through my childhood. The trouble with making art your livelihood is that I lost my desire for art, it was not a hobby anymore, but I must confess, I could never walk past an art gallery. My trip to the UK and other countries in 2005 so inspired my visual sensors, that I wanted to paint again after doing no art for fifteen years, I taught myself the basics of water colour painting through books, magazines and DVD’s and really enjoy the out of control, but planned medium. I became a part of Painter Online while in the UK and enjoyed the constructive comments on my work. Since coming back to New Zealand in 2009 I have begun to work in acrylics, which is a medium that I was use to in my signwriting, graphic art days. I mainly paint landscapes, nature and portraits in watercolour and acrylics. I am a member of the local Art’s Society and like to keep in touch with other artist, as you never stop learning.