Still Life with Lemon and Grape


Lovely use of colour (if I had to make one comment I would say the rim of the jug needs to be more eliptical i.e. flatter as the viewpoint looks a little off. Hope that helps.

This probably sounds a bit weird but I deliberately made the jug a little lopsided. The whole piece was supposed to be a bit quirky but I ended up with the rest of the canvas more realistic than I intended! So now the jug looks odd!! I start off with one intention and somehow find it too difficult to stray from what's in front of me. Does that make any sense?!

Super still life Heidi.

Nice objects with good shadows and colours Heidi. I understand where you’re coming from. In the attempt to be loose and original, precision can sometimes get warped.

Elegant in its simplicity. Love the treatment of the background.

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Small jug with lemon and grape in acrylic on canvas board

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