Deniz Besim


I attend art classes on a weekly basis and this is basically the platform where I get any of my drawings done. I have explored different areas including portraits, fashion, nature and cities. I also re-interpret famous drawings that I turn into my own interpretation. Some famous artists who’s work I’ve re-interpreted include David Hockney and Henri Rousseau. I believe it’s important to take inspiration from artists such as these as you can only learn. Some re-interpreting involves changing a famous piece of work by using a new medium to draw the piece for example, changing an expression of the face or direction of the lines or using softer and bolder colours. I learn a lot about studying these pieces and drawing them is also a good way of looking at them even more closely. I’ve attached some of my work on this site including pieces from known artists who I’ve re-interpreted, and hope that maybe other painters also take inspiration to re-interpret other artists too. I also re-interpret photographs sometimes from famous fashion magazines such as Vogue or Glamour. I hope you like my work.