Sandro Cocco


Sandro Cocco (1973), studied Fine Arts Painting at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp (1994-1998). During his studies at Fine Arts in Painting, after studying classical techniques like oil painting, watercolor and acrylic, he experimented with other means of expression like automatic writing, amorphous drawings, Sculptures, Installations, Video and lately analog and digital photomontages where we see his first essays in narration. After his painting studies he concentrated for a while in the creation of digital photomontages (1998-2001). After an experience at the Contemporary Museum of Ghent S. M. A. K., he decided to study Comics at Saint-Luc in Ghent (2001-2003). After these studies he concentrated on abstract, amorphous drawings and in 2005 after a visit to a friend he began his series of 'Imaginary Rooms' which is still ongoing.