Follow Julie King step-by-step as she paints bright and natural-looking daffodils using traditional watercolour painting techniques.

Daffodils, watercolour on Bockingford 140lbNOT watercolour paper, (32x24cm)

'Daffodils are such a joyful flower and to see them en-masse in springtime is an amazing and uplifting sight,' says Julie. 'They are the essence of spring; one of the first flowers to burst into bloom, symbolising rebirth and a new beginning. A bright, sunny day gives good reason to capture their beauty in the landscape.

'I was particularly attracted by this cluster of pale daffodil heads with golden centres. Each flower head shone out crisply against the mass of yellow daffodils in the distance and the soft, hazy effect of the background gave the opportunity to use a loose wet-on-wet technique. My demonstration will give you an idea of how I approached the scene. I hope you will enjoy painting them as much as I did.'

Demonstration: Daffodils