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How to Paint Flowers Using Wet-in-Wet Watercolour Paint

Understand tonal contrast and paint flowers that stand out in the crowd. Simple instructions for painting wet-in-wet watercolours.

Learn to Paint Bright and Colourful Watercolour Poppies

A step-by-step watercolour demonstration of how to paint the poppies

How to Paint Wet-in-Wet Watercolours

Alan Oliver shows you how to add energy, colour and depth to your landscape paintings.

Paint Fog and Mist in Watercolour with Ray Campbell Smith

Paint the effects of fog and mist using watercolour paint with Ray Campbell Smith

How to Paint English Country Watercolour Landscapes

Watercolour artist Steve Hall provides two step-by-step demonstrations revealing the approach he uses for his atmospheric paintings of English landscapes

How to Paint Cows in Watercolour

Learn how to paint in a way that captures the character - as well as the form - of an animal with Andrew Boult

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